Dr Gregor H. Mews

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Areas of interest: Conscious cities, public space, public life, health and well-being, child-friendly environments, play spaces, play, urban design, production of space, social encounter, non-linear design thinking, co-design, co-production

Doctor of Philosophy – Environmental Design (University of Canberra), Master of Urban and Regional Planning (Technische Universitat Berlin), Postgraduate diploma in Research Methods and Design (University of Canberra), Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Technische Universitat Berlin)

Dr Mews philosophy is based on social constructivism carrying out research the nexus of human conditioning and spatial practice, sustainable and healthy development with humanities collective bio-history in mind. Having a interdisciplinary ‘pracademic’ approach to research helps Dr Mews to apply a range of mixed-research methods to make a difference in the real world internationally. Findings have proven to be effective advocacy tools for a range of international organisations aspiring to make a positive difference by improving health and well-being outcomes of people in the Global North and South.