Ding Zhou

    Ding Zhou has been pursuing his PhD degree in Industrial Design at QUT since July 2018. After graduation with the B.A. and M.A. in Industrial Design in 2009, he was hired by Nanjing University of the Arts, China. Ding Zhou sequentially served as a lecturer and associate professor in Industrial Design till June 2018. In 2012, he was a bilingual visiting staff at the University of Virginia, US. From 2014 to 2015, he worked as a visiting scholar at the School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. His research interests lie in:

    • Design-led STEM education
    • Design for additive manufacturing/3D printing
    • Tangible interaction design

    PhD Research:

    Developing Design-led Integrated STEM Programmes Utilising 3D Printing for Secondary Schools in Queensland, Australia

    Integrated STEM education represents the latest development stage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). STEM education is the pathway to a highly capable future workforce and is linked to a nation’s development and prosperity. In Australia, there is an apparent gap between the disconnected curriculum and the definition of integrated STEM education. The understanding of how to develop integrated STEM programmes is an under-researched area, which is the driving question of this study. This research aims to explore the value of design-based pedagogy on developing integrated STEM programmes utilising 3D printing. The main contributions of the study will be an understanding of how appropriate design process models can be adopted in design-based pedagogy to develop relevant educational programmes. As research outcome, a related pedagogical model for Queensland secondary schools assists in the development of integrated STEM education and 3D printing application in Australia, which benefit students’ future career and promotes Australia’s competitiveness and innovation capacity. It also highlights an innovative area where industrial designers integrate design expertise into STEM education.