Diego Camelo

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Areas of interest: Open innovation, green manufacturing, digital information

University of Warwick – MSc. Engineering Business Management
Coventry – UK Pontificia Universidad Javeriana – BSc. Industrial Engineering;
Bogotá D.C. – Colombia

Thesis Title: Developing Open Innovation Strategies to Foster Green Manufacturing and Digital Transformation

Manufacturing in Australia generates 20.4 million tonnes of waste which has an impact on planetary health (Stewart, 2019). The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9 empathizes the need for companies to transition towards more sustainable production patterns (Radziwon & Bogers, 2017). It is therefore important to create solutions to support businesses to foster their environmentally-friendly performance. To support businesses in this challenge, the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub, an institution dedicated to accelerate industry’s uptake of advanced manufacturing technologies, is supporting research regarding how to foster green and technological methodologies in SMEs’ production systems. The main focus of this Ph.D. is to answer how the production system of 3 ARM Hub SMEs should foster Green Manufacturing and Digital Transformation principles by developing Open Innovation strategies (Chesbrough, 2004). This research will review the most relevant literature regarding Open innovation, Green Manufacturing and Digital transformation, to understand the existing gaps in the knowledge, and will contribute to knowledge by creating Open Innovation strategies (Chesbrough, 2004). These strategies will show to SMEs how to improve environmentally friendly performance and will be a strong support in addressing the Industry 4.0 challenge.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Glenda Caldwell
Associate Supervisor: Aspro Greg Hearn, Aspro Cori Stewart

Estimate completion date: February 2023