Diego Camelo

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Areas of interest: Open innovation, green manufacturing, digital information

University of Warwick – MSc. Engineering Business Management
Coventry – UK Pontificia Universidad Javeriana – BSc. Industrial Engineering;
Bogotá D.C. – Colombia

Thesis Title: Developing Open Innovation Strategies to Foster Green Manufacturing and Digital Transformation

This research investigates Open Innovation Strategies to foster Green Manufacturing and Digital transformation in conventional SMEs’ production systems. It addresses the needs that SMEs are facing to meet The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9 (SDG 9) and Industry 4.0 transformation challenges. The research will employ a multiple case-study methodology to investigate suitable Open Innovation Strategies in three different SME manufacturers from the ARM Hub, an institution dedicated to accelerating the industry’s uptake of advanced manufacturing technologies. Theoretically, the research is situated at the intersection of studies of Green Manufacturing, Open Innovation, and Digital Transformation. The three SMEs will be recruited from three different manufacturing subsectors. For each SME case, qualitative methods including observations, semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and grounded thematic analysis will be used to identify the critical points of action where environmental and digital enhancements could be achieved through Open Innovation strategies. After the PhD, the outcomes of the research will be applied in the Arm Hub manufacturing ecosystem leading to important end-user benefits.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Glenda Caldwell
Associate Supervisor: Aspro Greg Hearn, Aspro Cori Stewart

Estimate completion date: February 2023

About Diego Andres Camelo Herrera
Diego is a PHD student at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), belonging to the Robotics design team at the ARM Hub. His research interests are in the areas of green manufacturing, digital transformation and open innovation. Diego has leaded sustainable projects that decreased the cost and production time in conventional production systems in Land Rover Jaguar (UK), Johnson Controls (UK), and Vecol (Colombia). As a business consultant, Diego was in charge of improving business key factors, such as the revenue, production time, and market penetration, in companies such as RIA (UK), El Bosque University (Colombia), and BabyGlow (Mexico and Panama).