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Areas of interest: History, Expressionism, Modernity, Industrialisation, Botanic Glasshouses, Building Information Modelling

Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology), Master of Technology (Technikon Witwatersrand), National Higher Diploma Architectural Technology (Technikon Witwatersrand), Bachelor of Architecture (University of The Witwatersrand, Johannesburg), Bachelor of Technology (Technikon Witwatersrand), National Diploma Architecural Technology (Technikon Witwatersrand)

David joined QUT at the beginning of 2007 working in the research area of Building Information Modelling under the direction of Professors’ John Fraser and Robin Drogemuller. His architectural education includes a B-Arch, a research Masters and a PhD. His previous experience in architectural education was primarily within the School of Architecture at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. In this role David was the coordinator of the 4th year technology specialisation and Information Technology. In addition to these earlier teaching involvements, he ran a successful practice that apart from architecture specialised in disability issues within the built environment and Information Technology. His current research interests include glass architectures, botanical glasshouses and Expressionist architecture. In this last instance David has recently published a book, which offers a repositioning of Bruno Taut and his seminal Glashaus.

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