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Areas of interest: Designing in relationality to Country Designing flourishing futures for culture and Country The Indigenisation of space and Indigenous experience of Country Spatial identity and stories Spatial reclamation and sustainability The experience of Aboriginal peoples in urban spaces and contemporary Indigenous identities

PhD (Design)
B. Design (Interior Spatial Design)

Dr Danièle Hromek is a spatial designer, speculative designer and public artist, fusing design elements with installations, sculptural form and research. Danièle also works as a researcher, educator and cultural advisor considering how to Indigenise the built environment by creating spaces to substantially affect Indigenous rights and culture within an institution.

She works at the intersection of architecture, interiors, urban design, performance design and fine arts. As an Aboriginal researcher and designer her work is grounded in her cultural and experiential heritage, often considering the urban Aboriginal condition, the Indigenous experience of Country and contemporary Indigenous identities. Danièle’s research considers Indigeneity in the built environment. It contributes an understanding of the Indigenous experience and comprehension of space, and investigates how Aboriginal people occupy, use, narrate, sense, dream and contest their spaces.

Her research rethinks the values that inform Aboriginal understandings of space through Indigenous spatial knowledge and cultural practice, in doing so considers the sustainability of Indigenous cultures from a spatial perspective. Through her research and practice Danièle aims to design flourishing futures for culture and Country.

Danièle is a Saltwater woman of the Budawang tribe of the Yuin nation, with French and Czech heritage.