Dr Chen Kuangfan

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Areas of interest: Digital intervention in public space, playable engagement, gamification, technologies (VR, AR, MR etc.) application in future urban design

Bachelor of Architecture (Harbin University of Science and Technology)
Master of Architecture (University of Liverpool, UK)

Kuangfan Chen is a PhD Candidate at the Queensland University of Technology, School of Design. He got a bachelor’s degree of architecture at Harbin University of Science and Technology, and a master’s degree in architecture at the University of Liverpool, UK. Before starting academic research, he had two years of architectural design and urban planning experience in China.

What he is engaged in is the research on the direction of the formation of urban social space by digital technology. The research focus is on bringing the pleasure concepts of digital applications in the interactive field and game design fields into the research of future public space design. His research is grounding on architectural phenomenography, typo-morphology, motivation, and pleasure theories, and toward a model for the future playable digital intervention design in public space.

Thesis Title: Playable Digital Intervention in Public Spaces: Opportunities for Engaging Young Office Workers with Public Space

With the continuous advancement of digital technology, people’s relationship with public space has changed; the digital space created by digital technology has higher plasticity than physical space, activities within the public sphere have gradually shifted to the private sphere. Public space was traditionally regarded as an environment of playful social interactions, which hosted a series of ludic activities that traditionally had a positive impact on people’s health and the overall sense of place of a community.

Starting from a reflection on playful cities, this research enquired how digital technologies can be deployed to engage young office workers in use and activations of public spaces in Guiyang, a new digital industry city in China. The outcome of this research constructed a pleasure model for the designer and user of the Playable Digital Intervention in Public Space (PDIPS) to contribute the future pleasure placemaking and social engagement.


Principal Supervisor: Dr Mirko Guaralda
Associate Supervisor: Dr Selen Türkay  Dr Jeremy Kerr

Estimated Completion Date: February 2021