Dr Cara Wrigley

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Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology), BDesSt (Griffith University), Bachelor of Built Environment (Industrial Design) (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Cara Wrigley is Associate Professor Design Innovation at The University of Sydney, residing in the Design Lab – an interdisciplinary research group within the School of Architecture, Design and Planning. She is an Industrial Designer who is actively researching the value that design holds in business – specifically through the creation of strategies to design business models which lead to emotive customer engagement. Her primary research interest is in the application and adoption of design innovation methods by various industry sectors in order to better address customer latent needs. Her work to date has crossed research boundaries and appears in a wide range of disciplinary publications.

Prior to this appointment in 2017 she spanned the School of Design and the Information Systems School at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, as the research leader of a newly formed discipline, Design- led Innovation. Building on her solid practical industry experience and combining this with her scholarly understanding of emotional design she is developing a unique insight into Design Innovation contributions to both industry and academia in this area.

Her experience spans across working with start up’s companies, small to medium size enterprises (SME’s) and the multi-national corporate sector, by embedding herself within industry she brings theoretical approaches back to rigorous academic research. In her time in academia and industry she has seen the transformation of her foundational discipline of industrial design start to shift from that, which focuses on consumer product design to a trans-discipline.


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