Dr Boyuan Sheng

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Areas of interest: Green infrastructure, water sensitive urban design, landscape planning, flood and drought management

Master of Arts (Town and regional planning), University of Liverpool, UK

Boyuan is a PhD candidate in Landscape Architecture with a focus on climate change adaption through improving green infrastructure development. She seeks a deep understanding of relations among people, cities and environments to enhance disaster resilience worldwide.

Thesis Title: Enhancing green infrastructure management for flood-drought resilience in Brisbane, Australia: a landscape architecture approach

With the expansion of urban cities and climate change worldwide, cities are being exposed to natural environmental disasters. In the past several decades, the city of Brisbane in the Australian state of Queensland has experienced a cyclic pattern of flood and drought. Both the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council have pursued several initiatives to confront the flood and drought challenges. Nevertheless, many of the approaches are short term or ineffective. As a long-term strategy in the United States, green infrastructure planning at the catchment scale is becoming popular within sustainable management practice to reduce flood and drought risks. However, green infrastructure applications in Australia are mainly scattered and have not been fully integrated, especially at the catchment scale. This research proposes a catchment-scale green infrastructure planning framework in Brisbane, with the aim of achieving flood and drought resilience for this city. The thesis examines the Oxley Creek Catchment in Brisbane as the target catchment. Oxley Creek Catchment is a typical Lower Brisbane urban catchment. Brisbane City Council is striving to turn the catchment into a world-class green lifestyle and leisure destination by implementing the Oxley Creek Transformation project with a $100 million investment. The research explores opportunities the green infrastructure practices in depth for future development in Oxley Creek Catchment using combined data from secondary documents, case study and semi-structured interviews. The outcome of the study will be a green infrastructure strategy for Oxley Creek Catchment to achieve flood and drought resilience. The strategy can contribute new ideas and insights to landscape architects in green infrastructure through consideration of the whole catchment scale for future development.

Principle Supervisor: A/Prof Debra Cushing
Associate Supervisors: Dr Shannon Satherley, Dr Kaan Ozgun

Estimated Completion Date: May, 2021