Adj Assoc Prof Beverley Henry

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PhD (University of Queensland)


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Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture natural ecosystems including accounting for and managing methane and nitrous oxide emissions from ruminant livestock, carbon sequestration in grazed woodlands

Life Cycle Assessment of livestock systems including beef cattle and sheep for wool and meat, and the development of consistent methodologies and balanced reporting covering greenhouse gas emissions, water use, land use and land use change.

Food security and sustainable diets including assessment criteria and integration for resource use efficiency, environmental impacts, nutrition and socio-economic impacts. Member of FAO Livestock Environmental Assessment Partnership Technical Advisory Groups for Small Ruminants and Feed.

Managing for climate variability and climate change including providing improved climate forecasting information and decision support for farmers and industry

Land degradation and providing guidelines for good practice in agriculture and natural resource management to combat land degradation; Chair of ISO working group to develop a guidelines standard and UNEP consultant.