Ayman Wagdy

    Ayman Wagdy is a PhD candidate in the School of Design, Queensland University of Technology, and a member of the QUT Lighting Group. A trained architect, Ayman holds a MSc in Building Technology from Politecnico Di Milano. Ayman has substantial experience in daylighting and glare simulations using multiple parametric algorithms including his new simulation plugin “SpeeSim”. Ayman has trained extensively in parametric modelling and has published 18 papers in the areas of daylight simulation with parametric optimization techniques.

    Research areas:
    Daylighting Simulation, Glare Simulations, Parametric Analysis, Parametric Design,


    New predictive models for visual comfort in buildings informed by evidence-based knowledge
    Interest in building more sustainable environments has increased substantially in Australia. While green buildings aim to reduce energy consumption and promote a healthier indoor environment, Baird and Thompson (2012) and Hirning et al. (2014) have shown that green buildings may not ensure office workers’ visual comfort is maintained without compromising daylight availability. Although in the last decade many indices and metrics have been developed to predict visual discomfort in the built environment, there is a lack of consensus-based glare metrics that could measure the level of visual discomfort indicated by people in their actual working environment. This PhD research investigates new approaches to glare prediction that perform well, are simple and easy to use, that combine architectural and environmental factors with physical and photometric luminance parameters. Additionally, this PhD aims to develop a new evidence-based simulation protocol to predict visual discomfort in the early design phase, enabling architects and lighting designers to ensure visual comfort, occupant well-being, and energy efficiency in daylit workplaces in green buildings in Australia.