Dr Anna Svensdotter

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    Areas of interest: Architecture, urban informatics, inclusiveness, interstitial urban space, spatial design.

    Dr Anna Svensdotter is QUT Design Lab Alumni, and previously a Research Assistant, and Sessional Academic with the Urban Informatics Research Group, QUT Design Lab and School of Design. She graduated her B.Des Architectural Studies (Hons1) at QUT 2013, M.Arch QUT 2014 . She has been involved with several research projects (eg The InstaBoothHCI After DarkDignity First Homelessness Hackathon, and The Hospital Burrow Project) since graduating from the Master of Architecture at the School of Design at QUT at the end of 2014. Anna’s research is transdisciplinary with a focus on inclusiveness in public urban place.  She is driven by a curiosity of the uniquely imperfect and temporal found in interstitial urban space. Anna is supervised by Dr Mirko GuaraldaDr Severine Mayere, and Dr Julie-Anne Carroll. Anna’s PhD is titled Transient Public Urban Places: Learning about inclusive spatial design from the people on the marginsThis doctoral study explores how the understanding of socio-spatial conditions in transient urban public place can inform design practices for socio-spatially inclusive spatial design.