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Areas of interest: Locative media, virtual placemaking, interactive narrative, co-creative community engagement

Master of Fine Arts (Interactive Media)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Animation)

Amari is a multidisciplinary designer whose research bridges location-based media, interactive narratives as subversive and experimental practices, and community engagement through art and storytelling. With a background in the digital design industry and programming tutorship, their research is practice-driven and seeks to bring neurodivergent, migrant perspectives to visual, interaction and narrative design.

As a volunteer, Amari has established community art projects such as The Sea Unseen, an annual marine art book supporting the Australian Marine Conservation Society, and Window to Worlds, an art anthology showcasing independent artists’ projects.

Thesis Title: Mapping Separation: Participatory Cartography as a Re-Locative Strategy for Migrants and Transnational Relationships

Migrants exist “between” places, uprooted from their origin countries and marginalised in their host countries. These social and spatial disjuncts have been exacerbated by COVID-19, with many unable to return home without losing their right to re-enter their host countries, and new forms of xenophobia emerging from a rise in populist movements. The result has been a pervasive crisis of “dis-location” for migrants worldwide.

Many researchers have explored participatory map-making as vehicles for asserting the lived experiences, stories and knowledge of historically underrepresented communities. Bringing the researcher’s experience as an interaction designer whose creative practice explores location-based media about migrancy, this project seeks to co-design a participatory map-based artefact that explores how geography may act as a collective “associative” memory for the relational experiences of migrants across borders, and mediate their social and emotional re-location.

Principal Supervisor: Dr. Jane Turner
Associate Supervisor: Prof. Marcus Foth

Estimated completion date: February, 2025