Dr Alicia Allan

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PhD (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Allan completed her PhD in the area of sleep health in older adults and community dementia care, with a focus on light exposure and partner impact. She has a strong interest in the promotion of circadian and sleep health in a range of populations, particularly older adults and those with cognitive impairment, as well as research interests in the effects of environmental light exposure on sleep and health outcomes. Dr Allan is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Design on the ARC Linkage Project “Designing Healthy and Efficient Lighting Environment in Green Buildings”. Her current research focuses on the development of evidence-based solutions to support sleep and circadian health via lighting and environmental design in a variety of populations, including older adults, young adults, and office workers.

Dr Allan has expertise in the measurement of physical activity, sleep, circadian rhythms and light in a variety of applied settings, and supervises HDR students from Honours to PhD level. She guest lectures in the School of Psychology and the School of Design in the areas of sleep, lighting, and research methods.


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