Dr Alan Burden

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Areas of interest: Design robotics, digital fabrication, user experience (UX), interaction design (IxD), human-robot interaction (HRI), research-through-design (RtD)

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Design Studies
Masters of Architecture
Cert IV Project Management

Alan is a currently undertaking his PhD in Design Robotics at QUT.

His previous experience includes professional roles in architecture, UX, photogrammetry, and digital fabrication. Alan has a particular interest in Mixed Reality technologies, UX and Interaction Design with robotics, and creative industries including bespoke manufacturing.

His research focuses on robot collaboration for creative users, and Interaction Design between humans and robots.

Thesis Title: New Affordances in Design Fabrication and Artisan Craft Making

Principal Supervisor: Dr Jared Donovan
Associate Supervisors: Dr Glenda Caldwell, Dr Muge Belek Fialho Teixeira

Estimated completion date: October, 2020