Abigail Tucker

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Areas of interest: Experience design experiential retail fashion retail regional fashion communities fashion curating fashion merchandising sustainable fashion enterprise

Bachelor of Creative Industries with majors in Fashion Communications and Interactive and Visual Design, Queensland University of Technology (2016-2018)
Master of Philosophy, Queensland University of Technology  (2020 Рpresent)

Abigail is currently completing her MPhil while working for a Noosa based fashion label and as a sessional academic in fashion communication at QUT. Her aim is to understand how retail can be used and redesigned to grow and sustain regional fashion communities and the independent brands within them.

Thesis title: Curating Fashion Retail for Sustainable Futures

Curating Fashion Retail for Sustainable Futures explores the potentials and limitations of implementing experience design practices into business models of independent fashion brands within regional fashion communities in the context of retail spaces. The redesign of regional fashion retail spaces around the principles of experience design aims to demonstrate how experience design may increase engagement and growth in regional fashion communities, responding directly to the decline of physical retail as a result of online shopping and Covid-19 restrictions.

Principal Supervisor: Kathleen Horton
Associate Supervisor: Dr Muge Fialho Leandro Alves Teixeira

Estimated completion date: December, 2021