HDR Stories

Dr Shital Desair

Research Overview

Children are increasingly using complex products, which makes it essential that these products are intuitive to use. Shital’s research explored embodiment in intuitive interaction in children, observing children playing Jenga (both the physical version and the app), Monkey Blocks (a gravity-defying stacking toy) and Osmo (a mixed reality toy). The research resulted in an interaction model that will help designers to design embodied products for children.

About Shital

Shital is currently employed as a Research Fellow at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Whitby, Canada.

Connect with Shital

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/shitaldesai


Dr Mehdi Amirkhani

Research Overview

High luminance contrast between windows and surrounding surfaces can increase the risk of discomfort glare, which can diminish office workers’ satisfaction and productivity. This research explores how increasing the luminance of areas surrounding the window using an innovative electric wall-washing system could improve subjective scores for the window appearance, as well as reducing energy bills in office rooms with different window-to-exterior-wall ratios. This study demonstrates that the proposed electric wall-washing system with low power level does efficiently improve window appearance, as well as mitigating problematic interventions in lighting conditions that lead to increased energy consumption in buildings.

About Medhi

Dr Mehdi Amirkhani is an active researcher in the area of lighting design in buildings, specialising in innovative energy-efficient daylighting systems, evaluation of the luminous environment, and lighting effects on health and wellbeing. He has been a scientific member of four international conferences and is an Associate Fellow of UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) and a member of the Architectural Science Association (ASA). With work experience in several architectural projects since 2007, he is passionate about quality research and teaching, and wish to secure a position in a large and progressive university to develop his teaching and research skills, as well as inspiring the new generation to be passionate about sustainable design.


Medhi’s top three tips for HDR students¬†

  • Never give up and stay focused on your work
  • Believe in yourself and always try to improve your skills
  • Create a strong network with the experts in your field and keep in touch with them

Medhi’s HDR highlight at QUT

While studying at QUT provided several opportunities to enhance my research skills, it was not just about doing research. It also helped me to develop my self-esteem, momentum, inspiration, friendships and teaching skills significantly. The Staff have been very friendly and supportive, and QUT provided a nice office space with advanced hardware and software to be able to focus on my project.

Connect with Medhi

Twitter: @abiandesign

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mehdiamirkhani/