HUB Studio

At HUB Studio we adapt and adopt gaming and VR tech to create data visualisations, science simulations and experimental environments for a range of contexts.
We bring together exceptional graduates from across QUT to rapidly develop both experimental and professional projects under the mentorship of experts from industry and academy.

HUB Studio Alumni – 
Mara Ingham, Ryan Quagliata, Trendt Boe, Rachel Greiveson, Wade Taylor, Nathaniel, Matt Horton, James Finlayson, Nathan Corporal, Nicky Watson, Aki Tamotsu, Vivien Cheng, Adam Harvey, Damian Castellini
Vidhi Shah, Jed Dawson, Joel Bennett, Steven Mohr, Justin Carter

Founding Team of students:
Artists: Tavis Carter, Tom Elson, Aleece Loder
Programmers: Morgan Wall, Kristy Tyermen, Linely Treadwell
and Sound Designer: Hamish Camilleri

Hub Studio also houses the QUT Halfbrick Academy:

Founding team of Halfbrick Academy:
Game Designer: Vidhi Shah
Programmer: Corey Taylor (SAE)
Artist: Choiki Zahir and CL Taylor
Sound Design: Hamish Cailleri
Producers: Bethany Ward and Krystal Hingston

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