Designing, Implementing and Evaluating a Youth Mobile Help-seeking Tool-kit

This project aims to design, implement and test a novel model of integrated mental health service that links a new mobile interactive tool-kit for self-directed help-seeking with existing traditional helpline services for young people. In partnership with Australia’s largest youth counselling service, Kids Helpline, the project seeks to investigate mobile technology in youth counselling and develop new understandings of blended traditional and mobile mental health interventions. It aims to design and evaluate an interactive tool-kit that provides credible health information through mobile devices, improving the quality and credibility of digital services to benefit the wellbeing of young Australians.

Funding / Grants

  • ARC Linkage (2016 - 2018)


  • Leanne Hides, School of Psychology, Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, QUT
  • John Dalgleish, Head of Strategy and Research, YourTown.