Towards a loveable urban future – Culturally inclusive post-COVID19 pandemic community recovery in Australian marginalised communities in South East Queensland

Project dates: 01/07/2021 - 31/07/2022

The public open space culture in Australian communities offer a range of opportunities for social encounter, but the way how we interact has been heavily impacted by the current COVID-19 pandemic. In the pursuit to increase social connectedness and liveability, these spaces are subject to targeted design interventions that are based on the ambiguous concept of amenity. However, amenity prioritises some types of uses through design for certain needs or desires and socially excludes other. One of the fundamental functions of public open space is a setting for informal and social interaction or play. This idea created a counterpoint argument to contemporary urban design practice in relation to the public realm in cities. In addition, we argue that the relationship between spatial materiality and the human activities associated with social connectedness and wellbeing of a community requires context specific environmental conditions which can be effectively improved to enhance community spirit and break with stigma. When introducing a series of targeted events to foster an intergenerational inclusive play culture that embraces co-production on community level a transformation can occur and increase social connectedness in marginalised communities. The aim of this research project is to assist the Non- Government Organisation (NGO) Logan Together in the process of finding and testing effective pathways to strengthening collective social impact projects aimed to significantly improve the wellbeing of people in Logan City post COVID-19 pandemic

Chief Investigators:

Dr Greg Mews, QUT Design Lab
Dr Adele Pavlidis, Griffith University
A/Prof Debra Cushing, QUT Design Lab

Academic Team Members:

DR Marilyn Casley, Griffith University
Ms Kerry Smith, Griffith University
Dr Jennifer Cartmel, Griffith University

Other Team Members:

Mr Hyahno Moser, Logan Together
Jordan Hill, Logan Together
Tamsin Coryn- Wyllie, Queensland State Government


Logan Together
Griffith University
Queensland State Government

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