The Art of Co-Design: Developing an Evidence-based Co-design Framework & Toolkit      

This project directly responded to the needs of researchers at the Woolworths Centre for Childhood Nutrition Research.

The Centre’s core aims are to be child and family-led and to directly engage communities in creative problem-solving across all projects – aims directly aligned with the ethos and strengths of co-design methodologies. These approaches represented a new challenge for many health-based researchers at the centre who are based in discovery science, and clinical and public health. Our project centred on the design of a publicly available, evidence-based co-design framework and toolkit to directly respond to the needs of these health researchers and support co-design learning, project development and application. Entailed in the project was a systematic review of co-design literature and educational resources and a series of targeted co-design workshops with health researchers to understand their research priorities, and communication design and educational preferences.

The team developed the web platform,, a site promoting co-design across all sectors, not only healthcare.

Recognising the significance of this work, the team was commissioned by international design methods publisher, BIS Publishing, to author a handbook on co-design.

This led to the publication of ‘The Art of Co-Design: A Guide to Creative Collaboration’, now available internationally in both print and digital formats.

QUT Research Team: 

  • Dr Jeremy Kerr (lead)
  • Ms Jess Cheers
  • Professor Danielle Gallegos (Director, Centre for Childhood Nutrition Research)
  • Professor Thea Blackler
  • A/Prof Nick Kelly

Partner: Woolworths Centre for Childhood Nutrition Research

Further information

Published by BIS Publishers

The ‘Art of Co-design: A Guide to Creative Collaboration’ can be purchased from:


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