Seating in Aged Care: a Study for Lifecare Furniture Pty Ltd

Seating in Aged Care

This research was commissioned by a client in order to provide a greater understanding of the context and needs of aged care furniture.
Objectives of this research were:

  • To collect experiences and behavioural data of people‚Äôs behaviour around chairs
  • To identify positive and negative issues influencing on people use of chairs in aged care facilities (aged care residents, and aged care experts: staff and occupational therapists)
  • To do an audit of typical chairs used in aged care facilities

This research began by reviewing the relevant literature, then devising methods by which we went about our field work. We then presented the findings of the research, including examples from transcribed interviews and stills from video footage of various chairs. Discussion of the findings and their potential implications for the manufacturer were provided.

A PAS Lab Project

Funding / Grants

  • Commercial research with LifeCare Pty Ltd. (2015 - 2016)
  • Maria O'Rielly