Seamless Journeys to Work for Young Adults with Physical Disabilities

In Australia, young people with disabilities have lower workforce participation than their peers. This project examines emergent workers’ (young people with physical disabilities aged 18-30) transition to work daily experiences in order to inform policy design and contribute to enhanced delivery of services supporting employment access, choice and self-determination.

This study is aimed to investigate the daily life experience of young people with disabilities and the way they organise their access to work in order to further understand: how technologies shape people’s social participation and virtual-actual access to services and economic life; virtual or physical connections and disconnections, and the role of technologies in people’s mobility; and current and latent needs to be addressed in the design of future services.

Little is known about the role of online and mobile technologies in daily experiences, rhythms, and contexts of everyday journeys to work of people with disabilities. This focus is the point of difference in this research study.



Are you a young adult with physical and/or neurological disability? This includes young adults with dual or multiple disabilities (such as physical and cognitive).

  • Are you 18 to 30 years of age living in Australia?
  • Are you looking for work?    OR    Are you currently working?

We, researchers at the University of Queensland and QUT, along with Jobs Australia and Disability Employment Australia, want to know about what has helped or stopped you getting work – that is your work participation.

You can participate by completing an online survey, being involved in an interview, or both.



In the survey you will be asked questions about what has helped or not helped you get a job.

You can answer the questions by yourself or you can ask someone to help you.

Alternatives to completing online

If you would like to do the survey on paper (hard copy) or in a word document, you can download the forms below:

For Workers

For Job Seekers

Please post the survey to:  

Lisa Hamilton, School of Public Health and Social Work, Queensland University of Technology

GPO Box 2434, Brisbane QLD 4001 or Scan a copy and email to:



In the interview, you will be asked about your experiences in trying to get a job and the things you have tried to get work since leaving school, TAFE or university.

We will map all the things you discuss into a visual representation of your journey to work so far.

The interview will take about 1 hour.

The interview will be done via online – like skype, phone or face to face.

After the interview, you may also be asked to take photos of barriers or supports you have encountered when looking for work. You can choose whether you do this photo activity or not.

If you would like to participate in the interview, please read the following interview information and consent form.

Interview Information and Consent Form.pdf

Interview Information and Consent Form.docx

This is an easy read version of the interview information and consent form

Interview Information and Consent Form EasyReadVersion.pdf

Interview Information and Consent Form EasyReadVersion.docx

To make an interview time please contact Lisa Hamilton via email 

If you have any questions about the research activities please phone Dr Lisa Stafford on 07 3138 4595.



  • Prof Greg Marston, Lead CI, UQ (Social Sciences)
  • Dr Amanda Beatson, CI, QUT (Business)
  • Prof Judy Drennan, CI, QUT (Business)
  • Dr Marianella Chamorro-Koc CI, QUT (Design)
  • Dr Lisa Stafford, CI, QUT (Health)
  • Lisa Hamilton, Research Associate, UQ

Funding / Grants

  • ARC Linkage (2016 - 2018)