Rapid Analytics Interactive Scenario Explorer Toolkit

Interactive scenario exploration can help decision makers not simply combine and analyse data, but explore that data in new collaborative ways that harness collective intelligence and foster transparency in decision making. The foundation of interactive scenario exploration is helping decision makers rapidly formulate and test hypotheses, drawing together the data and models necessary to receive immediate visual feedback (via interactive maps and graphs) on how those spatial data sets and models relate to each other. The vision for this project is to develop and test an interactive scenario explorer toolkit to support group based decision making with an initial focus on improving land valuation modelling. This case study will focus on fundamental land valuation and value uplift modelling. The RAISE toolkit will ultimately allow land valuers to more rapidly explore and test hypotheses connected with the likely causes of land valuation changes.


  1. Develop open, cloud-based architecture to combine data, models, and visualisation
  2. Develop an interactive scenario explorer ‘toolkit
  3. Explore collaborative visualisation methods
  4. Apply toolkit to automated valuation modelling
  5. Apply toolkit to land value uplift modelling

Funding / Grants

  • CRC Spatial Information (2016 - 2017)