Positive Mindset Festival

Tuesday 1st October

Positive Mindset by Design Competition

The Queensland University of Technology and the QUT Design Lab is partnering with the Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival to bring you the inaugural Positive Mindset by Design competition. The Positive Mindset Festival is a free event. Register your attendance via the Eventbrite Page.

All students across primary and secondary schools are invited to take part in creating a product, a concept or simply an idea for a technological product, APP or invention that would help to promote mental wellbeing in young people. Just the idea is enough, it does not have to be a reality…..yet.

Submit the idea in a PowerPoint presentation under ten slides (PPT or JPEG files) by Friday 13 September, to MSAMHS_arts-festival@health.qld.gov.au, with the subject of ‘PM by Design’, your name, age and school (e.g. PM by Design – Jane John, 17, Wellness State High School).

Finalists will be selected based on ORIGINALITY, reference to POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH and PRESENTATION. They will then be invited to present their idea to an audience at QUT on Tuesday, 1 October 2019, where an overall Positive Mindset by Design Champion will be crowned.

Guardian/parental consent is essential to take part. By taking part you will also be providing consent for you and your designs to be videoed and photographed.

For more information about the Positive Mindset by Design Competition, please contact:

Adam Lo, Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS)

Metro South Health,  adam.lo@health.qld.gov.au or Sarah Garrett at sarah.garrett@health.qld.gov.au.

The Positive Mindset Festival is a free event. Register your attendance via the Eventbrite Page.

Preliminary Program:

3:00pm  Doors open, welcome

3:30pm  Positive Mindset in Design session begins

3:45pm  Finalist Presentations and Interviews

4:15pm   Announcement of Positive Mindset by Design Champion and closing remarks

4:30pm  Event concludes

Find out more information and register for QUT Design Week 2019 on our Event Registration page.