Plenoptoscope: Preventing Eye Disease through Improved Design

Project dates: 17/05/2019 - Ongoing

Why it matters

80% of eye disease leading to blindness is preventable if monitored regularly and treated in time. The number of people suffering from preventable eye disease worldwide is estimated to be 285 million. The most popular current frontline tool for diagnosis is colour digital fundus photography and grading by expert personnel. These machines are often large, expensive and hard to move.

Project Overview

QUT Medical and Healthcare Robotics has designed and patented a new class of retinal imaging device that can significantly improve the affordability, reliability and portability of retinal imaging while also delivering new features to optometrists and ophthalmologists; the ability to create 3D views, metric measurement of retinal features and post-acquisition refocussing. The new device has been named the retinal plenoptoscope.

We want to improve outcomes for people with eye disease and believe that this technology can make a difference. The design was engaged to provide product and user experience concept designs and make this project a success and transition it from an idea to prototype a solution

Project Outcomes 


Project Team

Chief Investigators

Associate Professor Rafael Gomez

Dr Anjali Jaiprakash

Research Assistants

Simran Assan

Luke Hughes