Making seen what we can’t feel – thoughtfully designed UV sensors to protect Australians from the sun

Project dates: 01/12/2020 - 01/12/2021

This research aims to understand how young adults use and interact with wearable UV sensors, and what elements are critical to their design so that they will be practical for people to wear and will work effectively. This research will help to build knowledge about how to design fashionable smart wearable UV sensors for young Australians who face risk of UV exposure during day-to-day and recreational activities.

Currently Recruiting Research Participants 

We are currently recruiting participants for 3-hour creative workshops held at QUT Garden’s Point Campus. Participants will engage in activities that will contribute to the design of UV sensing wearable device concepts. 

To register your interest in participating in this project, please contact :


Thoughtfully designed UV sensors to protect Australians from the sun

This project will develop thoughtfully designed wearable devices that can detect ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight. The wearable devices will incorporate custom designed UV responsive materials into fashionable wearable items that can measure and alert a wearer to their level of exposure and risk from UV radiation. This unique synergy between Chemistry and Design will lead to high performance materials, which have been thoughtfully developed into devices that are easily understood by users, leading to meaningful behaviour change.

Chief Investigators

Dr Nathan Boase, Lecturer in the School of Chemistry and Physics, QUT

Dr Levi Swann, Lecturer in Industrial Design, School of Design, QUT

Dr Heather McKinnon, Lecturer in Interaction Design, School of Design, QUT

Associate Prof. Markus Rittenbruch, Program Leader – Emerging Technologies, QUT Design Lab, QUT


Funding / Grants

  • QUT Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme (2020 - 2021)