Innovative procurement theories to optimise education per cost of school

This project aims to develop a whole-of-life procurement decision-making framework so schools can make delivering better education more cost effective. This framework—which draws on state-of-the-art and Nobel prize-winning theories and a new theory the project will develop—will be used in government and private schools. The effectiveness of this framework in improving schools will be shown using a new approach to make school facilities deliver educational outcomes and account for their total production and transaction costs. This research is expected to deliver more efficient ways to future-proof schools to create a well performing school system and more resilient infrastructure vital to Australia’s future prosperity.

For further details see our research project website.

Funding / Grants

  • ARC Linkage (2016 - 2018)




  • Infrastructure Australia
  • NSW Treasury
  • Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria
  • Queensland Treasury
  • Western Australia Department of Finance
  • ACT Education Directorate
  • NSW Department of Education
  • Queensland Department of Education
  • SA Department for Education and Child Development
  • Department of Education and Training Victoria
  • Western Australia Department of Education

Private Sector

  • Bickerton Masters Architecture Pty Ltd
  • Christie Creative Solutions
  • Capella Capital Pty Ltd
  • GRC Quantity Surveyors Pty Ltd
  • Lend Lease Building
  • Lidunian Partners Pty Ltd
  • Spotless Facility Services Ltd