High school spaces and student transitioning: Designing for student wellbeing

High school spaces and student transitioning

Transitioning is a common occurrence at all schools and for all students throughout their school lives. Supporting effective transitioning to high school is critical to ensure student engagement (MCEETYA, 2012). Research shows that at this time students risk alienation from peers, anxiety, decreasing literacy and numeracy achievement and ultimately school drop-out.  To better understand space-related transitioning challenges, the study involves 30 Year 7 school students and 3 teachers at 3 Queensland state high schools. Overall, it aims to:

  • advance the social and educational wellbeing of Australian young people.
  • report on space-related outcomes of the Flying Start reform in Queensland for Year 7 students
  • inform learning space design that enhances educational achievement.

Funding / Grants

  • Department of Education and Training Queensland


  • Associate Professor Hilary Hughes (Lead CI)
  • Dr Jill Willis
  • Dr Derek Bland
  • Ms Annie Rolfe


  • Department of Education and Training Queensland