Fulton Trotter Architects: Design, Practice Management and Culture

Project dates: 01/08/2017 - 30/11/2019

Fulton Trotter Architects has seen three distinct phases of leadership and personnel which have shaped the aspects of design, management and culture of the firm, and had lasting architectural and cultural influence throughout Australia. These three aspects were studied to inform a reflective and critical analysis of the firm that may offer a model of successful management and practice to other aspiring firms. DESIGN Fulton Job and Collin was established in 1946 by three of Queensland’s most notable and respected architects who went on to design several of Queensland’s historic and iconic buildings during their post-war partnership. These partners were early adoptees of climate responsive design, with a significant focus on regional Queensland. This study looks at how through the subsequent phases of leadership the firm’s design ethic developed through modernism, climate responsive design, regional influences and more recently to designing for inclusive environments, health and well-being, and education.

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT Many architecture firms have vacated the traditional full-service architectural field, while FTA have broadened its traditional practice by adding research, master planning, project management, interior design, strategic planning, and BIM services to its offering. FTA have taken a long-term view of human resources and mentoring, emphasising the importance of developing future leaders of the profession as part of its core responsibilities.

CULTURE The founding partner of FTA Charles Fulton established the School of Architecture at the Central Technical College, now QUT. Successive partners and employees of FTA have mentored and taught generations of future architects. This focus on cultural impact is evident in their ongoing role as educators at QUT and through recognition of their leadership through the Australian Institute of Architects (Queensland). More recently, they have contributed through Adjunct Professorial roles at QUT School of Design, and research leadership in a joint NHMRC project with QUT, ACU and Deakin University in developing a new Intergenerational Living and Learning model for urban and regional Australia.


Team Members

Marissa Lindquist, QUT Design Lab
Adjunct Professor Mark Trotter, QUT Design Lab / Fulton Trotter Architects
Adjunct Professor Paul Trotter, QUT Design Lab / Fulton Trotter Architects
Robyn Schmidt, QUT, School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty, Research Assistant
Nora Kinunnen, QUT, School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty (formally)
Paul Sanders, QUT, School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty (formally)

Funding / Grants

  • Department of Industry, Innovation and Science; Fulton Trotter Architects (2017, 2018) (2017 - 2019)


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