Designing and evaluation of the TeachConnect platform: Supporting Australian teachers in their pathway into the profession

Designing and evaluation of the TeachConnect platform

Project dates: 01/01/2013 - Ongoing

Project Overview

This project is concerned with understanding the role that online learning networks can play in supporting teachers in their pathway into the profession. It involves the development of a novel online platform for teachers, TeachConnect and research into the design and evaluation of this platform.

The project is the product of a long-running partnership with the Queensland College of Teachers and focuses on helping early career teachers (those in their first five years) gain access to a supportive community and necessary resources to help with teacher registration and evidence to meet professional standards.

The first iteration of TeachConnect was launched by the Hon. Kate Jones, Queensland Minister for Education, on World Teachers’ Day in 2014. Since then the platform has won three Wharton Reimagine Education awards in 2017. The current phase of the project focuses on meeting the needs of teachers during registration. The next phase of the project will focus upon methodology for the formal evaluation of online platforms of teachers, underpinned by a significant body of research.

Project Outcomes


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