Augment Your Strengths: Cross-cultural co-design to facilitate self-care resources for young people in Australia and Thailand

Project dates: 24/02/2020 - 31/07/2023


This research project explores cross-cultural collaborative design approaches to seek novel, innovative and engaging ways of using AR technology to promote mental wellbeing resources for young people in Australia and Thailand. Using AR, this research integrates digital and physical interactions and engagement to promote self-care through experiential and interactive experiences. The project aims to inform a new way of designing AR tools by applying a mix-method approach of participatory design by collaborating with potential end-users and building a cross-cultural dialogue on mental wellbeing. It is hoped that the benefits of cross-cultural collaborative design approaches with AR technology for complex issues such as youth mental health will offer an innovative design approach and a better understanding of values and attitudes toward mental health across cultures that can be applied to the facilitation of multidisciplinary research and the area of visual communication and interaction design.




  • Junpiban, N. (2022). AR Self-care resources prototypes – Work-in-progress exhibition, @QUT Design Lab, Brisbane Australia [Design Work/ Presentation].



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Chief Investigator

Naputsamohn (Ib) Junpiban


Principal Supervisor: Professor Lisa Scharoun
Associate Supervisor: Associate Professor Mark Ryan
External Supervisor: Dr. Chaiyatorn Limapornvanich,
External Supervisor: Associate Professor Danny Hills,