Architecture, Philosophy, and Deleuze

This book project Architecture for a Free Subjectivity (Farnam UK, Burlington US) Ashgate, 2011 reformulated the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s model of subjectivity for architecture, by surveying the impersonal effects of architectural encounter, and the spaces that figure in them. It was publicly endorsed by Anthony Vidler, Yale School of Architecture, and Art Theorist, John Rajchman, Columbia University, on Amazon here.

Selected Writings


Brott, Simone. (2019) Digital Monuments : The Dreams and Abuses of Iconic Architecture. Routledge, Abingdon & New York. (In Press) View on ePrints

Brott, Simone. Architecture for a Free Subjectivity: Deleuze and Guattari at the Horizon of the Real. Farnam (UK), Burlington (US): Ashgate, 2011 here.

Refereed Journal Articles

Brott, Simone. “Collective Equipments of Power: The Road and the City.” Thresholds: Journal of the MIT Department of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 40, Special Issue: Socio: the Socially Conscious Architectural Project (Spring 2012): 47-54, download pdf.

Brott, Simone. “Deleuze and the Intercessors.” Log: Observations on Architecture and the City 18, New York: Anycorp (Winter 2010): 135-51 here.

Brott, Simone. “Close Encounter, Withdrawn Effects.” Journal of Architectural Education 61, no. 4, Performance Architecture (2008): 6-16, download pdf.

Brott, Simone. “Inside the Fold: The Form of Form.” AD Architectural Design Profile 138: Sci-fi Architecture 69, no. 3/4 (March 1999): VI-IX.

Book Chapters

Brott, Simone. “Toward a Theory of the Architectural Subject.” In Deleuze and Architecture, edited by Hélène Frichot and Stephen Loo. 151-67. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, May 2013, here.


Invited Lectures

Brott, Simone. “The Subject and Architecture.” In Architecture Seminar Series. Invited Presentation on my book Architecture for a Free Subjectivity, Ann Arbor, Michigan: Michigan University, Taubmann College of Architecture and Urban Planning, 2012.

Brott, Simone. “A Theory of the Affective Body: Deleuze, Space, Bodies.” edited by Peter Hegarty. Invited Lecture, New Haven: Yale School of Architecture & Department of Women & Gender Studies, Yale University, Spring 2004.

Brott, Simone. “Architecture and Affect.” In Invited Seminar. Host: Yale School of Architecture, Yale University, Invited guests: Simone Brott, Peggy Deamer, Brian Massumi, Gary Genosko, Elizabeth Grosz, Fall 2003.



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