Press Coverage


Blockchain technology to fight food fraud

04 Dec 2017, QUT News


Tech chiefs make their predictions for 2018

08 Nov 2017, CIO


Video games inspire safer driving

16 Sep 2017, Channel 11 (Scope TV)


School leads hunt for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

25 Aug 2017, Queensland Teachers’ Journal

We’re designing robots that see for Aussie SMEs

10 Aug 2017, QUT Media

Future Fruit: 3D designed and printed fruit

5 Aug 2017, Channel 11 (Scope TV)


Robot sculpture, coming to a gallery near you

19 Jul 2017, The Conversation


Gate open for dementia-friendly travel

22 Jun 2017, INsite Magazine, NZ

World’s first dementia-friendly airport named in Australia

21 Jun 2017, Xinhunet, China

Brisbane Airport named Australia’s first dementia-friendly airport at guide launch

20 Jun 2017, QUT Media

Learning curves for smart cities

11 Jun 2017, Radio Adelaide


Brisbane treated to world-first Marvel exhibition featuring never-before-seen displays

27 May 2017, Sydney Morning Herald

QUT design superheroes put the interactivity into GOMA’s Marvel exhibition

26 May 2017, QUT Media

Public parks designed to entice people of all ages & abilities a must to prevent obesity

22 May 2017, QUT Media

Millions of dollars being invested in local parks across South East Queensland

18 May 2017, Channel 9 News

Creating the story of landscape architecture at QUT

4 May 2017, QUT Media

Queensland researchers are exploring ways to make electric bikes smarter and safer

3 May 2017, 7 News


Democratising the Rising Data Tide

12 Apr 2017, QUT Media

Sharing Knowledge in the Fast Fashion Industry

12 Apr 2017, QUT Media


Design meets science, technology and enterprise at STEM Girl Power Camp

28 Mar 2017, QUT Media

How do we design a post-industrial city? (iTunes)

28 Mar 2017, 2SER

What makes design intuitive, or not?

04 Mar 2017, ABC Radio National


Singapore: The robot city

17 Feb 2017, Raconteur

Life in a retirement home through the eyes of the elderly

3 Feb 2017, ABC Radio National


Learning community prototypes design-led education program

20 Jan 2017, QUT Media


Roger That! CB radio turns digital with TravelPal prototype

09 December 2015, QUT Media


Rise of the tiny house movement in Australia: from small things big things grow

18 November 2015, QUT Media

The Cube presents virtual reality taste of Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival

13 November 2015, QUT Media

Dazzling creativity at QUT Fashion Design Graduate showcase

11 November 2015, QUT Media


QUT creates haunted house Escape Room Halloween challenge

29 October 2015, QUT Media

INTERPLAY: Design, technology, science and arts – QUT hosts global design research event

26 October 2015, QUT Media

Would you share left over food rather than let it go to waste? QUT study

21 October 2015, QUT Media

QUT design star represents Australia in Adobe’s World’s Biggest Student Art Show

15 October 2015, QUT Media

QUT brings Open and Agile Smart Cities to Australia

07 October 2015, QUT Media


What is your vision for Brisbane in 2050? Have your say at the QUT InstaBooth

01 September 2015, QUT Media


Australia’s first InstaBooth asks Brisbane residents what they want

24 August 2015, 612 ABC Brisbane, Jessica Hinchliffe

Robotic spectacular dazzles Brisbane

24 August 2015, QUT Media

Old jeans turned into totes for tots as The Fleet Store returns

10 August 2015, QUT Media

How colour-coding your fridge can stop your greens going to waste

6 August 2015, The Conversation, Dr Geremy Farr-Wharton

Food for thought! Technology can reduce domestic food waste

3 August 2015, QUT Media, Sandra Hutchinson

Technology reduces food waste: QUT study

2 August 2015, Brisbane Times, Jodie Dean


QUT fashion students put style and sun-safety into exercise wear

29 July 2015, QUT Media

ARC grants to fund 16 projects

07 July 2015, QUT Media


Boredom blamed for young male risk taking: CARRS-Q study

15 June 2015, QUT Media, Sandra Hutchinson


The business of art: CJ Hendry’s strategy short circuits the art sector’s traditional model

07 April 2015, QUT Media


Leaving BrisVegas via digital departure

30 March 2015, QUT Media

QUT creating the world’s Airports of the Future

20 March 2015, QUT Media