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A studio where artists, designers, programmers and scientists get together to create mixed reality environments and experiences, develop new methods for making and evaluating, and study the possible implications, impacts and opportunities.

At HUB Studio we adopt and adapt gaming technologies, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create data visualisations, interactive simulations and experimental environments for a range of contexts. We seek out and thrive in both creative and scientific, public and private domains. Bringing together exceptional graduates from across QUT to rapidly develop both experimental and professional projects under the mentorship of experts from industry and academy.

With our small but talented team of creative professionals, we have collaborated on a wide variety of immersive and interactive projects with the wonderful people of QUT, QAGOMA, and Marvel, to name a few. For them, we have designed and deployed major works that challenge and entertain not only the team… but the people we design for. We adopt and adapt technology in ways they were not imagined by the manufactures… in a variety of public and industrial places to activate and sustain certain social, cultural and environmental interactions.

To develop innovative data simulations and modelling systems, we have collaborated with teams of plant biologist, chemists, nutritionists, materials scientists, chemists, ergonomists and many more – to build dynamic interfaces for complex systems driven by processed data and custom algorithms. These simulations allow participants to explore and experiment with various components and variables to test the impact of decisions on the system. A very valuable asset that supports decision making in contexts that are risk averse.

HUB Studio Team

Deb Polson, Wade Taylor, Ryan Quagliata, Pascal Cunin

HUB Studio Research Students

Juexiao Mo (Masters) – ARG Design for Orientation of College Students in Mainland China
Moya Baldry (Doctorate of Creative Industries) – Complex narratives: Extrapolating the role of the author through the design of a Virtual Reality experience
Tyronne Curtis (Masters) – Designing processes that allow access to the creation and distribution of autobiographical memories in interactive virtual environments to assist in alleviating the symptoms of grief
Justin Carter (PhD) – Examining the Evolution of Game Feel as a Principle of Game Design
Dominic Crisci (Doctorate of Creative Industries) – Exploring the Emerging Language and Conventions of Immersive Media
Tfer Newsome (PhD) – Creating tools for teaching sound design principles using virtual reality environments.
Shan Yo (PhD) – Virtual Reality and consumption: Exploring the factors of VR technology in Chinese creative industries (Principal Supervisor , Aspro Christy Collis)

HUB Studio Alumni

HUB Studio projects are aligned with both industry and research trends, experimenting and innovating in games for entertainment, health, science and education. Students and researchers have access to HUB Studio operations to gain insight and experience with a fully functioning studio working on professional project briefs. HUB Studio runs projects that involve various technologies and apply complex theories to a variety of interactive works of various scale and for diverse contexts.

“The recruitment process was rigorous but great, because the team that was put together were the students who were the best in their field and it was such a pleasure to work with such talented but really kind and great people.”

The HUB Alumni have all found success working for international companies, freelancing and even forming their own startups.

CL Taylor (The Ellen Show, LA), Nicky Watson (Deloitte Digital), Vidhi Shah (Founder, Candor Interactive, Vancouver), Mara Ingham (Kixeye), Morgan Wall (GameLoft), Vivien Cheng (Orange Digital), James Finlayson (Kixeye), Bethany Ward (Halfbrick), Ryan Quagliata (HUB Studio), Trendt Boe (PhD, QUT), Wade Taylor (HUB Studio), Nathaniel Holloway, Matt Horton (Tin Man Games), Nathan Corporal (PhD QUT), Aki Tamotsu, Adam Harvey, Jed Dawson (Halfbrick), Joel Bennett (QUT), Steven Mohr (PhD QUT), Tavis Carter (Virtus Health), Tom Elson, Aleece Loder, Kristy Tyermen, Rachel Greiveson, Hamish Camilleri, Qizhen Julian Po, Marietta Sim, Jamie Wilton, Jessie Clancy, Corey Taylor (Halfbrick), Choiki Zahir, Tory Grice (Childrens Hospital Foundation), and Krystal Hingston (Sony Music Entertainment).

HUB Studio is dedicated to offering girls and women opportunities to thrive. We are very proud that over half of our alumni are female… especially in the context of an industry that is and always has been mostly of men.

HUB Student Academy

Hub Studio also offers industry led projects for students:

QUT Games Academy:

QUT Hybrid Worlds Academy:

“what I have learnt from the project, couldn’t be taught in a classroom”

At HUB Studio Games Academy students from across both creative, technical and science faculties join a team to work on games for and with local game development companies. Students are mentored by QUT game design academics and are each assigned an expert mentor from a local game studio to assist them on the project and advise them on how to advance their career in the games industry. Each team collaborates to design, develop, test, and publish a game with their project partners.

River City Labs and Right Pedal Studio Mentors

John Passfield, Dan Vogt, Steve Baxter, Don Kirkland, Cameron Owen, James Bowling, Peter Laurie

Halfbrick Mentors

Alex Butterfield (Product Owner), Jason Harwood (Producer/Product Owner), Ben Marrinan (Designer), Hugh Walters (Artist), Peter McNeil (Programmer), Cedar Jones (Sound Designer)

Brisbane Marketing and Brisbane International Film Festival Mentors

Kiki Fung (Head Programmer), Jaclyn McLendon, Vicki Ciocca


  • Dr Debra Polson

    Background Deb Polson is a senior academic and independent designer, focused on exploiting unique aspects of new and old technologies to imagine the future of human experience. For over 20 years Deb has been an active member of both the design industry and academy in the fields of game and...

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