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QUT Design Lab is collaborating with UAP, the IMCRC, and RMIT University to use innovative robotic vision systems and software user-interfaces to reduce the integration time between design and custom manufacturing. This will improve competitive advantage by enhancing the company’s ability to manufacture high-value products and reduce time and cost to manufacture.

This technology will not only provide commercial value to UAP, but will also benefit other Australian manufacturers across different industries such as medical devices, construction and aerospace where mass-customised products are in high demand. A key component of the research is the Design Robotics Open Innovation Network.

The purpose of the Design Robotics Open Innovation Network (OIN) is to share project outcomes and facilitate collaboration across industry for the benefit of the wider Australian manufacturing sector. The Design Robotics Open Innovation Network will serve as an interface to wider industry, both to disseminate project findings and to gain feedback on what industry needs. It will offer hands-on experience, build business opportunities and accelerate the adoption of innovative manufacturing across Australia. This will be achieved by designing a well-targeted peer-to-peer business knowledge transfer program where UAP, QUT, and RMIT will host demonstration events and disseminate findings through the publication of practical know-how around design robotics.


  • Assoc Prof Jared Donovan

    Areas of interest: Design Robotics, HRI, Participatory Design, Tangible and Embodied Interaction

    Jared Donovan is an Associate Professor in Interaction Design in the QUT Design Lab, Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice, at the, Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia. The main aim of his research is to find better ways for people to be able to interact with...



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