Roboblox at the BAD Festival

RoboBlox, Museum of Brisbane

Developed by The Queensland University of Technology (QUT)’s Design Robotics team and The University of Queensland (UQ)’s Architectural Robotics team, RoboBlox are robotic-carved foam blocks created out of polystyrene by a robot, using a hot wire-cutter.

For BRISBANE ART DESIGN, the traditional breeze block is reinvented as a tool to create rule-based storytelling, which can be integrated into architectural design. This project is an adaptation of Thieri Foulc’s Morpholo Game, which involves a series of tiles that are arranged variously to create an overall pattern.

Since 2018, QUT Design Robotics and UQ Architectural Robotics have collaborated to produce works that implement robotic fabrication through creative and intuitive methods. This project was built using open source plug-ins and encourages collaborative making, as its software is set up as a platform to which anyone can contribute.

The QUT Design Robotics team consists of Dr Jared Donovan (Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design), Dr Glenda Caldwell (Senior Lecturer in Architecture), Dr Muge Belek Fialho Teixeira (Lecturer in Interior Architecture) and Alan Burden (PhD student in Design Robotics). UQ Architectural Robotics is represented on the project by Frederico Fialho Teixeira  (Lecturer in Architecture).


RoboBlox is featured in the BAD Festival at the Museum of Brisbane

BRISBANE ART DESIGN (BAD) showcases some of the brightest Brisbane artists and designers—from locals who have established national and global careers to those who have made their homes elsewhere, but continue to be influenced by Brisbane. Forming the centrepiece of the program is BAD@Mob, a major exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane from 10 May – 11 August 2019.

BAD@MoB features established and emerging artists working across a range of practices, including robotics, performance art, video, installation, ceramics, jewellery and painting. Additionally, the Museum will present new commissioned works from Justene Williams, Nicolette Johnson, Craig & Karl, Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan, and more. The BAD program will also spread across more than 25 locations, throughout the CBD, West End, Highgate Hill, Fortitude Valley, South Brisbane, Woolloongabba and Bowen Hills.


Location: Museum of Brisbane [link to map]
Start Date: 11/05/2019 [add to calendar]
End Date: 11/08/2019
Cost: Free

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