Friday, 11 September, 2020 • DECIPHERING THE RESEARCH ALPHABET SOUP ➤ QUT Acronyms Explained, Prof Evonne Miller

ARC, NHMRC, RAD,ECR, HDR, FS – deciphering the research alphabet soup!

QUT Design Lab presents a 45 minute interactive session, where Professor Evonne Miller (Director, QUT Desgin Lab) will walk through common (but confusing) research acronyms, shows where you can find information about research grant schemes and leads a conversation about realistic goals and research expectations – especially for newer staff or ECRs (Early Career Researchers – defined as within the first 5 years of completing their PhD).

We will walk through where to find information, but – more importantly – what research goals are realistic at different times of your career.


Start Date: 11/09/2020 [add to calendar]
Start Time: 1:00pm - 1:45pm
Cost: Free
Organiser: QUT Design Lab
Enquiries: Shelly Cooper - QUT Desgin Lab -

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