City Space Architecture and The Journal of Public Space

Adj. Assoc. Prof. Luisa Bravo

City Space Architecture (CSA) is a non-profit organisation based in Bologna, Italy, with a mission to studying, making, spreading and sharing public space culture, through an interdisciplinary approach, involving art and architecture. In 2015 CSA founded with the Queensland University of Technology and in partnership with UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, The Journal of Public Space, the first, international, interdisciplinary, academic, open access journal entirely dedicated to public space. The journal speaks different languages and is open to embrace diversity, inconvenient dialogues and untold stories, from multidisciplinary fields and all countries, especially from those that usually do not have voice, overcoming the Western-oriented approach that is leading the current discourse.

Join Luisa as she discusses the genesis of her collaboration with QUT born of her scholarly remit to achieving a comprehensive knowledge in the use of digital tools able to combine top-down policies and programs of public administrations with bottom-up needs and aspirations of communities, in order to define a space of interaction and sharing for the co-creation of more livable and equitable urban futures.


Dr Luisa Bravo is the Founder and President of City Space Architecture, a non-profit organisation based in Bologna (Italy), she is also the Founding Editor and Journal Manager of The Journal of Public Space. City Space Architecture is partner of UN-Habitat’s Global Public Space Programme. CSA is included in the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ Civil Society database and it is also engaged in the United Nations General Assembly of Partners (GAP), Research and Academia Partner Constituent Group. Luisa’s lecture ‘Stand up for Public Space!’ has been included in 2017 in the UN-Habitat Global Urban Lectures series. Luisa is part of the United Nations Global Urban Observatory, Expert Group on public space. Luisa is an academic scholar: since completing her PhD in 2008 on Contemporary Urbanism, she has been devoting her academic pursuits to understanding the complexity of the contemporary city, specifically through the study of public space, on a global perspective. Her academic expertise is grounded in extensive research and teaching in Europe, United States, Lebanon, Asia, Australia. She is Adjunct Professor at University of Florence, School of Architecture in Italy and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology, School of Design. Luisa is the recipient of the 2018 Australia Award Endeavour Executive Fellowship for a research-based professional development on public space, social entrepreneurship and smart communities at QUT Design Lab, Urban Informatics Research Group. Luisa is also a freelance architectural engineer practicing in Italy, in her own professional firm Bravo Design, that she established in 2005.


Location: D Block, Room 108, QUT Gardens Point [link to map]
Start Date: 21/05/2018 [add to calendar]
Start Time: 5.30pm
End Date: 21/05/2018
End Time: 7pm
RSVP By: Monday 21st of May 2018
Cost: free
Organiser: QUT Design Lab

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