28 – 30 October, 2021 • Childhood Summit ➤ A/Prof. Debra Cushing & Dr. Gregor Mews


The Childhood Summit is an inaugural event moving around Australia, augmenting the child-centric conversation, by-in and systemic change for children.

The Childhood Summit brings together thought leaders, gatekeepers, key influencers and practitioners across the community at large. This event contributes to the national conversation and movement towards actions that will protect our children’s overall health, wellbeing, life satisfaction and our planet.

The event aims to increase the connectedness and cohesiveness of our communities whilst rallying around our young.  There is a different theme of focus every year for the three day event and includes Pop-up Playgrounds, Keynote addresses from professional and children and practical action-based workshops and walkshops.


What happens when a city adopts a Play-Plan?  The Childhood Summit is a platform for the child’s voice to be heard within a noisy, fast-paced world.  Exploring a Community-led City-Wide Play Plan: Increasing Health, Wellbeing, Social Cohesion and Inclusion for All

The 2021 Childhood Summit is to be held in Logan and will build upon previous efforts to establish a platform for the child’s voice to be heard, validated, and acted upon for children, regarding their right to play.  Uniquely, this summit will focus on the city-wide population scale efforts to grow opportunities and conditions for children to play in Logan and reap all benefits associated with a play-filled childhood.

During this exciting and innovative event A/Prof Debra Cushing and Dr. Gregor Mews will be actively involved in leading the action group workshops in the stream of Sustainability and Capacity Building and Dr. Mews will also deliver a separate capacity building workshop on play and public space.

This year’s theme is play-full. The summit is about all things play, which means there has to be an opportunity for local children to have some fun and play.  In addition, each day there will be three sessions, with 70 spots available for local children to have a great time with all thing’s loose parts. A summit where the voice of children is the primary objective. Together with children we will focus on evidence-based learnings and transformative action plans helping to shape a brighter, healthy and balanced future for coming generations.


Start Date: 28/10/2021 [add to calendar]
End Date: 30/10/2021

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