Emerging Technologies Focus Areas


We work with people to collaboratively design technology systems that are more equitable, approachable and provide agency for people of all backgrounds.  We look to the future without being technologically driven.  Recognising the impact that perceptions, behaviours, understandings and values, ranging from individual to society level, have on the design and use of technological systems and elements we take a human-centred approach.  We apply processes of participatory design and co-design to empathically engage with users and stakeholders.  We give people a meaningful say in the design of future technology and the shaping of desirable futures.




Extended Reality Design explores the potential of virtual and augmented reality technologies, data visualisation and tangible interaction to give people new ways to interact and communicate. We create new experiences and investigate the prototyping, design, exploration and evaluation of extended reality in areas such as visual simulation, distributed collaboration, knowledge transfer and interactive visualisation. We assess the impact and ethics of extended reality and apply our design research across a range of contexts and technologies and disciplines. With expertise in collaborative work, data visualisation, the built environment, advanced manufacturing, user experience and participatory design, our research creates new ways to see, sense and shape the world.



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