Emerging Technologies Focus Areas


We work with people to collaboratively design technology systems that are more equitable, approachable and provide agency for people of all backgrounds.  We look to the future without being technologically driven.  Recognising the impact that perceptions, behaviours, understandings and values, ranging from individual to society level, have on the design and use of technological systems and elements we take a human-centred approach.  We apply processes of participatory design and co-design to empathically engage with users and stakeholders.  We give people a meaningful say in the design of future technology and the shaping of desirable futures.



Extended Reality Design explores the potential of virtual and augmented reality technologies, data visualisation and tangible interaction to give people new ways to interact and communicate. We create new experiences and investigate the prototyping, design, exploration and evaluation of extended reality in areas such as visual simulation, distributed collaboration, knowledge transfer and interactive visualisation. We assess the impact and ethics of extended reality and apply our design research across a range of contexts and technologies and disciplines. With expertise in collaborative work, data visualisation, the built environment, advanced manufacturing, user experience and participatory design, our research creates new ways to see, sense and shape the world.



  • Prof Thea Blackler

    Areas of interest: Intuitive interaction, Observational analysis, Designing for dementia, Industrial design, pollination services, Active Play, TEIs.

  • Prof Margot Brereton

    Areas of interest: Human-Computer Interaction, Participatory Design, Social Computing, Tangible Interaction, Theories And Methods Of Design, Ubiquitous Computing

  • Dr Sue Cake

    Areas of interest: Screenwriting/Scriptwriting, Narrative Comedy, Screenwriting Pedagogy, VR/XR/AR

  • Assoc Prof Glenda Caldwell

    Areas of interest: Design Robotics, Media Architecture, Urban Informatics

  • Dr Shoufeng Cao

    Areas of interest: Supply Chain Information System, Blockchain, Digital Innovation, Risk and Resilience, Design Science, Human-machine reconcile

  • Dr Daniel Cook

    Areas of interest: More-than-Human Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Industrial Design, Digital Fabrication, Pollination Service Delivery, and Systems Design.

  • Dr Muge Fialho Leandro Alves Teixeira

    Areas of interest: Design Robotics, Digital fabrication and manufacturing, parametric design, transdisciplinary design research, phenomenology of perception, multimodal spaces, pancomputational design strategies

  • Prof Marcus Foth

    Areas of interest: Urban Informatics, Smart Cities, Media Architecture, Sustainability, More-than-Human Futures, Critical Data Studies

  • Mr Brett Fyfield

    Areas of interest: Visual Communication, Human Computer Interface, Interaction Design, Hybrid Learning Spaces, Extended Reality, Participatory Design

  • Assoc Prof Veronica Garcia Hansen

    Areas of interests: Lighting and daylighting, comfort (visual and thermal), health and well-being, resilient architecture, passive solar architecture, building performance (prediction, simulation, visualization and post occupancy evaluations), design for older adults

  • Assoc Prof Rafael Gomez

    Areas of interest: Design Emotion, Emotional Experience, Wearable Tech, Emerging Tech, Health and Wellbeing

  • Prof Greg Hearn

    Areas of interest: Advanced Manufacturing Workforce, Workforce adoption of cobotics, Innovation policy, management and practice, Creative economy.

  • Steven Kickbusch

    Areas of interest: Design for learning, teacher preparation, collaborative design, design education, STEM, online communities

  • Dr Chris Koch

    Areas of interest: Cognition of creativity, aesthetics and styling, Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacture, sustainable design, design philosophy

  • Dr Tim Lindgren

    Areas of interest: Wearable technologies

  • Ms Marissa Lindquist

    Areas of interest: Neuroarchitecture, Intergenerational Living and Learning Environments, Health and Environments, Design and Emotion, Regional Communities, Fashion and Space, Experimental Fabrication

  • Dr Judy Matthews

    Areas of interest: Business model innovation, design led innovation, design and strategic organisational renewal, creativity and entrepreneurship, exploration and exploitation, human resource management and innovation, innovation in SMEs, knowledge management and innovation, problem rraming and solving in complex environments

  • Prof Alice Payne

    Areas of interest: Fashion design, textiles, sustainable fashion, circular economy, more-than-human design

  • Dr Shane Pike

    Areas of Interest: Augmented and virtual reality in performance design, digital dramaturgy and applied theatre, gender and performance, ethnodramatic design as a healthcare intervention, Asian-Australian narratives and performance perspectives

  • Dr Leo Rezayan

    Areas of interest: Tangible Media, Embodied and Augmented Interaction, Physicalisation and Participatory Design

  • Assoc Prof Markus Rittenbruch

    Areas of interest: Interaction Design of Emerging Technologies, in particular, AR/VR/MR and participatory data visualisation (Emerging Tech) Collaborative Robotics and Intention Visualisation (Design Robotics)

  • Ms Tessa Rixon

    Areas of Interest: Scenography Digital Performance and Extended Reality Design Intermedial Theatre design Australian scenographic identities and histories Ecoscenography and climate crisis theatre design

  • Assoc Prof Jen Seevinck

    Areas of interest: Human-Computer Interaction, Interactive Art, Creative Interaction Design, Creative Health, Practice-Based /-Led research methods, Data Visualisation, Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, Citizen Science, Emergence, Systems Thinking.

  • Dr Levi Swann

    Areas of Interest: Human factors Human-computer interaction Human-machine interaction Technology forecasting Scenario planning Complex systems

  • Dr Madeline Taylor

    Areas of interest: Design collaboration, Emotional intelligence, Fashion, Costume, Performance design, Critical fashion practice,

  • Dr T.J. Thomson

    Areas of interest: Visual Communication, Media Production and Consumption, Self-Representation, Everyday Image Making, Digital Storytelling, Emerging Technologies, News in Regional and Rural Areas

  • Dr Jane Turner

    Areas of interest: Ontological design, Game design, Critical literacies, Interactive narrative design, Software & systems culture, Material culture, Place and meaning-making, Animal interaction design

  • Dr Anastasia Tyurina

    Areas of interest: Imaging Science, Creative Coding, Augmented Reality, Data Visualisation, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Interactive Art, Ecological Art, Science Communication, Art & Science, STEAM

  • Dr Nicole Vickery

    Areas of interest: Designing for Play; Design for Children; Tangible, Embodied, Embedded Interactive Technology; Game Design; Player Experience; Human-Computer Interaction; Interaction Design

  • Dr Kirsty Volz

    Areas of interest: Housing Diversity Missing Middle Housing and Density Design-led solutions for housing affordability Queensland Architectural History Filmic Interiors Design for Manufacturing Technology in Construction

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