Design Robotics & Digital Fabrication Focus Area

Advanced robotics and digital fabrication technologies provide a direct pathway from design to manufacturing.  We create processes, approaches, tools and technologies for sustainable futures by linking design, manufacture and material use.  We explore innovative design possibilities through cutting-edge experimental design projects and work hard to make sure that technology meets the needs of real people.  Connecting to Industry 4.0, Collaborative Robotics and Open Innovation principles we explore advanced manufacturing strategies to benefit business and the environment.  Our practical research has a direct impact on applied industry projects and is helping to transform Australian manufacturing.



Chief Investigators

  • Assoc Prof Glenda Caldwell

    Areas of interest: Design Robotics, Media Architecture, Urban Informatics

  • Assoc Prof Jared Donovan

    Areas of interest: Design Robotics, Participatory Design, Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction

  • Dr Muge Fialho Leandro Alves Teixeira

    Areas of interest: Design Robotics, Digital fabrication and manufacturing, parametric design, transdisciplinary design research, phenomenology of perception, multimodal spaces, pancomputational design strategies

  • Assoc Prof Veronica Garcia Hansen

    Areas of interests: Lighting and daylighting, comfort (visual and thermal), health and well-being, resilient architecture, passive solar architecture, building performance (prediction, simulation, visualization and post occupancy evaluations), design for older adults

  • Assoc Prof Rafael Gomez

    Areas of interest: Design Emotion, Emotional Experience, Wearable Tech, Emerging Tech, Health and Wellbeing

  • Prof Greg Hearn

    Areas of interest: Advanced Manufacturing Workforce, Workforce adoption of cobotics, Innovation policy, management and practice, Creative economy.

  • Dr Dan Nyandega

    Areas of Interest: Water sensitive cities and design: architecture, infrastructures, and landscapes; Rising water levels in low-lying coastal cities – sea level rise and flooding; Water and shoreline infrastructure futures; Public buildings and open spaces as decentralised water infrastructures; Emerging construction techniques, technologies, and materiality for future territories on and under water; Incremental adaption of highly modified lowlands (reclaimed land) in coastal cities to effects of rising water/sea levels.

  • Assoc Prof Markus Rittenbruch

    Areas of interest: Interaction Design of Emerging Technologies, in particular, AR/VR/MR and participatory data visualisation (Emerging Tech) Collaborative Robotics and Intention Visualisation (Design Robotics)

Affiliate Investigators

Postdoctorial Research Fellows

  • Stine S. Johansen

    Areas of interest: Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Human-Robot Interaction, Theories and Methods of Design, Tangible and Embodied Design, Sound

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