Design Robotics & Digital Fabrication Focus Area

Advanced robotics and digital fabrication technologies provide a direct pathway from design to manufacturing.  We create processes, approaches, tools and technologies for sustainable futures by linking design, manufacture and material use.  We explore innovative design possibilities through cutting-edge experimental design projects and work hard to make sure that technology meets the needs of real people.  Connecting to Industry 4.0, Collaborative Robotics and Open Innovation principles we explore advanced manufacturing strategies to benefit business and the environment.  Our practical research has a direct impact on applied industry projects and is helping to transform Australian manufacturing.



Chief Investigators

Affiliate Investigators

  • Natalie Haskell

    Areas of interest: Industry 4.0, Digital fabrication, Digital making, Advanced Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Design Innovation, User Centered Design, Studio Learning, Interdisciplinary practice, Industrial Design, 3D and Product Design

  • Dr Leo Rezayan

    Areas of interest: Tangible Media, Embodied and Augmented Interaction, Physicalisation and Participatory Design

  • Prof Jonathan Roberts

    Areas of interest: Field robotics, medical robotics, performance robotics and design robotics

Postdoctorial Research Fellows

  • Stine S. Johansen

    Areas of interest: Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Human-Robot Interaction, Theories and Methods of Design, Tangible and Embodied Design, Sound

  • Dr Yu Kao

    Areas of interest: Interaction design, Research through Design, Design method, Creative placemaking

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