8.5.24. Accolade for Agency and Access

Congratulations to Lisa Scharoun and Evonne Miller. Their project, Agency and Access, which redesigned the form used by prisoners to access health services, has received an Iron A’ Design Award for Strategic Design.

This Australian project, a collaboration between Queensland Health’s Office for Prisoner Health and Wellbeing, Capricornia Correctional Centre, Health Consumers Queensland and the QUT Design Lab, was designed to enhance access and communication by redesigning the health request form – to be trialled in one regional men’s prison and then rolled out. The project responded to a Queensland Offender Health Services Review identifying barriers to accessing timely health services, and the use of digital technologies in the Prison System. A key issue identified was the lack of agency that prisoners felt in procuring solutions to their health issues.

In 2022, Agency and Access was also named finalist at the 2022 SEGD Global Design Awards in Portland, USA.

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