1.5.24. Seed and Weed Grant Recipients

The 2024 QUT Design Lab Seed and Weed grant round is funding two research teams to initiate innovative design and creative practice projects.

The priority for this year’s Seed and Weed funding is to support early and/or mid career academics affiliated with the QUT Design Lab. Each of the two projects is led by an early career academic.

Brett Fyfield is leading a project exploring integration of Generative AI techniques, workflows and processes within the Australian communication design industry, focusing on understanding its impact and implications for design practice. The project team is comprised of Jen Seevinck, Jeremy Kerr, Anastasia Tyurina and Peter Florentzos.

Elizabeth Gibbs is leading a project developing a digital innovation data visualisation prototype which offers a new methodology to analyse the current state of digital content creation and distribution in the live performing arts sector, through innovative use of AI and data visualisation. The project team is comprised of Sue Cake, Kath Kelly, Shane Pike and Tessa Rixon.

Congratulations to both research teams!

Seed and Weed grants are an initiative of the QUT Design Lab. The “seed” aspect refers to new projects that might need funding to help collect data or engage with partners; the “weed” aspect refers to the fact that you might have some old projects or old data, or half-started projects, that need to be finished.

Last year’s funded projects examined game-based storytelling with people living with dementia and consumer preferences for electric vehicles.

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