RECORDING AVAILABLE • Neuroinclusive Design Toolkit for Health Innovation ➤ Jim Hogan & Dr. Lutza Ireland

In July, 2022 QUT Design Lab hosted Jim Hogan, Principal Innovation Strategist/ VP of Accessibility in Tech, Google Cloud and Dr. Lutza Ireland, Social Designer + Psychologist, Matrix DH, who presented a Neuroinclusive Design Toolkit for Health Innovation.

Neurodiversity provides an additional lens for increasing accessibility, user experience and social justice in health innovation by considering the natural diversity in how people think, feel and experience the world. With about 20% of the population being neurodistinct (autistic, ADHD, dyslexic etc.), innovation practices are evolving not only to accommodate differences in cognitive and sensory styles, but to utilise neurodiversity as a fuel for creativity and innovation. Join the neurodistinct presenters to increase your innovation potential and start building your toolkit as a neuroinclusive designer.


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