Grant outcomes ➤ Transforming Aged Care with Virtual Reality

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Prof. Evonne Miller and the team involved in QUT Design Lab’s – Transforming Aged Care with Virtual Reality project.

Following a highly successful event at The Big Reach Brisbane in May, 2022 the project was featured on ABC’s The Breakfast Couch.

About the Project

Transforming Aged Care with Virtual Reality is a collaboration between the QUT Design Lab, Griffith University, The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, and Monash University to investigate whether the integration of virtual reality into six Australian aged care facilities in Queensland and Victoria has an impact on staff and resident social connection. While the Queensland-based phase of the project is complete, data collection will occur with the Victorian team in late 2022.

Thanks to the generosity of a philanthropic research grant from Facebook, the research team collaborated over 2021-2022 to document (i) the experience of using VR – virtual reality – in aged care, from the perspective of residents and carers; and (ii) share practical tips to guide aged care management and staff through the process of integrating VR into their practice.



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