CRC-P Success • Designed-led advanced manufacturing of smart orthotics for remote Australia ➤ A/Prof. Marianella Chamorro-Koc

Massive congratulations to A/Prof Marianella Chamorro-Koc and her team – DL ECR Dr Natalie Haskell, and colleagues from business (A/Prof Amanda Beatson), Engineering (Dr Marie-Lusie Willes), and DL Master’s students Isabel Byram – on their successful CRC-P  (Cooperative Research Centres – Projects) application –  $2,044,034 for “Designed-led advanced manufacturing of smart orthotics for remote Australia”.

The project will advance the manufacturing of intelligent orthotics to reduce diabetes-related amputations for remote Australia. iOrthotics, in partnership with QUT, UQ, Mt Isa Base Hospital and My FootDr, is creating a new generation of smart orthotic devices to increase patient compliance and expedite lead times to patient and reduce overall healthcare costs. The project will test an enhanced workflow to supply patients in remote Australia custom smart orthotics to address diabetic foot disease complications prevalent in remote Australian communities – and is, in part, an outcome of networks and skills gained through the HEAL project. More details are on the QUT Design Lab projects page here

Once again – congratulations Marianella, Natalie and team from across QUT –  this was a massive effort and a well-deserved recognition of your hard work and expertise in this field. DL members are kicking so many goals this year – it’s wonderful to be part of such a productive, supportive, and inspiring team!


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