Mozzie AR Toolkit • Sustainability and Science Showcase, Queensland Museum Whale Mall ➤ Dr Jen Seevinck

The transdisciplinary Mozzie AR Toolkit project reframes science communication into active, citizen engagement that educates and motivates primary school kids and community in environmental health and sustainable behaviours.  The toolkit comprises an Augmented Reality app for mobiles, and creative STEAM paper-based workshops.

Dr Jen Seevinck and her team displayed the toolkit at the Sustainability and Science showcase at the Queensland Museum on Sunday, 13 June, 2021 – alongside project partner Metro South Health and their award winning Zika Mozzie Seeker Citizen Science project. Primary school kids, families, citizen scientists and community interacted with the app to role-play being ‘junior scientists’ – moving around the Whale Mall with Ipad app to detect virtual mosquitoes, breeding habitats and act out their removal (e.g. by tipping out virtual stagnant water!). Younger children enjoyed the mozzie life-cycle sticker worksheet, and many people created their own Rainbow Fish toy – to catch and eat the larvae!

The toolkit meets grade 4 and 5 Science and Technology curriculum requirements for lifecycle and insect adaptation.

It was funded through the QUT Design Lab, an Advance Queensland Science Engagement grant, and in-kind partner contributions from Metro South Health, CSIRO, Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre and QUT.  Schools interested in participating can contact Dr Jen Seevinck via the QUT Design Lab or find out more on the project site and app video.

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