QUT Design Lab : International Women's Day 2021 – Prof Evonne Miller

Professor Evonne Miller – Professor in Design Psychology

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Remembering and celebrating the pioneering women who came before us – we talk about breaking the class ceiling, and we have, but there is still much more to do!

What does it mean to be a woman in the Higher Education / Design sector?

To me, it is about role-modelling opportunities to others – I grew up on a farm in rural NZ, and was the first in family to attend university. To be a professor at a university, and to be doing the work I do – it is a privilege.

Tell us about a recent Research highlight / achievement.

What I am most proud of is my recent work, in the design for health space. Having the opportunity to put “design thinking and doing” in healthcare, and to use design as a positive change agent – its such a privilege.
Regardless of your politics, I have to say Hilary Clinton – there is a woman who got out there and worked; she was critiqued and criticised – but she kept going. That resilience in action is inspiring to me.

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