Frontiers of Development Secures Seed Funding

The QUT Design Lab is delighted to announce the successful bid for $32k of seed funding for the Frontiers of Development project. Design Lab researcher, Liz Brogden, will be working with Dr Alan Forster, Dr Megan Boston, Desmond Bernie, Dr Leigh-Anne Hepburn, Dr Taibat Lawanson and Jolanda Morkel to develop a framework for resilient design education that is collaborative, interdisciplinary and cross-institutional. To achieve a global reach of students, course modules and learning methodologies will be proposed that are reproducible and shareable online.

This seed grant will enable a new partnership between academics and practitioners across three continents exploring “the educational opportunity for building a resilient future”.

In July 2020, they will be hosted by the University of Lagos in Nigeria to engage with the local 100 Resilient Cities program. This case study has the potential to inform a curriculum model which can then be reapplied across different cities worldwide.

Congratulations to Liz and the Frontiers of Development team.

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