Events for April 2019

Vienna inner city garden

Digital Cities 11 at Communities & Technologies 2019, Vienna

This symposium continues the Digital Cities series started in 1999, which is the longest running academic forum that has followed the intertwined development of cities, communities, and digital technologies. Digital Cities 11 aims to understand how to consider more-than-human stakeholders such as natural systems in designing cities. The symposium invites critiques of conventional approaches that tend to favour human comfort and convenience. Cities designed at the expense of nature are problematic as the health of the natural environment is linked to citizens’ wellbeing. Digital Cities 11 gathers contributions towards new design methods for the co-creation of digital technology and urban informatics that take into account how the sustenance and prosperity of humans and non-humans are interdependent with nature. It contributes fundamental and theoretically grounded research to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities.